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Ford Creek Outfitters

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Montana : 493


Eliizabeth Barker
Phone:(406) 562-3672

Our Trophy Area has bulls of all age classes. The bulls in the 5 to 9 year age class will score anywhere from 300-390. The bucks, in that same age class, will score 165-220. Bulls are found from 5000 to 7000 feet.
New bulls and bucks enter this area every day as they drift from the two wildernesses out to the Sun River Game Range for the winter. We intercept them, stalk up on them and gun them down. It is not uncommon to shoot 2 or more bulls or a couple of big bucks out of the same group...and I mean BIG Bulls and Bucks.
This area has great glassing, heavy and light timber, grass everywhere, rolling and semi-steep mountains, aspen patches, streams and annual migration routes. The animals simply funnel thru this area before they enter the Game Range. Shots are 20 to 400 yards. Sight in dead on for 200 yards and shoot a medium/heavy weight bonded core spitzer bullet.

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