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Corey Elmer
Phone:(435) 979-7918

There's nothing quite like the outdoors. With your boots tied tight, pack on your back, and a tag in your pocket. Your next Trophy hunt awaits at Gone Hunting Outfitters. Let us take you on your next hunt with the confidence of having a First Class Outfitter at your side! Outfitter Cory Elmer, has the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done. With over 25 years of hunting Big Game in Utah, Cory has learned what it takes to make the hunt successful. Hunting has always been a passion for Cory and his group of Guides. Mostly consisting of First Responders you know you will get the most dependable and trustworthy Guides in the Business. So make the call and let Gone Hunting Outfitters make your Dream Hunt a Reality. 


Available Hunts

ELK HUNTS - We offer hunts in the very best units Utah has to offer. Tags are available through the Utah draw or purchase at Auction. Elk Hunts can be very physically demanding and require an Outfitter that will put in the time and effort it takes to be successful.  Archery, muzzleloader, & rifle elk hunting at its best!

MULE DEER -  Some of the best mule deer hunting in the West is right in our backyards! Simply Put - WE LOVE TO HUNT MULE DEER!!!! Big bucks are one of the toughest adversaries you will match wits with. We hunt the best units Southern Utah has to offer. Both Limited Entry and General Draw Units. We have the experience and Knowledge necessary to be successful. Henry Mtns, Oak Creek, Paunsgunt, Zion, Beaver, Dutton, Boulder, Southwest Desert, ETC!

ANTELOPE - These are fun hunts for 70+ inch lopes with the occasional bigger lope getting killed. We would love the chance to take you on your Utah antelope hunt! 

MOUNTAIN GOAT - The Beaver Mtns in the heart of the Tushar Range is a goat hunter paradise. Our knowledge of this unit is second to none! If you have this tag we should be your first choice, with 40+ years knowledge of this Unit you can't go wrong! 

BUFFALO - The Henry Mtns is an experience you won't soon forget! Buffalo here inhabit country from the desert to the high peaks. You will want an Outfitter that has hunted these Buffalo. After you pull the trigger the work begins! We have the knowledge to make you successful!