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Have you been interested in hunting but don't know where to start? Do you want to provide for yourself, friends, and family? 

​​Our hunts are all about the experience. For those new to hunting, we'll help you learn about the process of the hunt, about the quarry, and about the local ecosystem. And if we're fortunate, you'll bring home some wild food! We can help you find tags that will get you out in the field as soon as possible to harvest your own organic, free-range meat. So, if you are new to hunting, contact us so we can help you get exactly the experience you want.

Even for a seasoned hunter, Arizona provides more than a few challenging and unique opportunities. If your dream is to hunt elk in the mountains, we have places for you to explore. Set on hunting javelina and coues deer in the desert? We have you covered. 

We guide all our hunts based on fair-chase doctrine. They take place on public lands in Arizona, usually wilderness areas, so whatever level of difficulty you're after we can accommodate. Anyone and everyone are welcome on our hunts; we don't judge or discriminate.

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Available Hunts

Whether you have a bull or cow tag, if you're fortunate enough to put an elk on the ground, you can count on a full freezer at home. At H&H we love food so hunting elk is one of our favorite things. Guides will field-dress, quarter the animal, and pack it out as well as prepare any trophy as requested for the taxidermist. We are also happy to fully skin the animal if you want to get the whole hide tanned as well. (If you have a specific taxidermist in mind, please have them contact us to coordinate). Hunters are responsible for their game meat and trophies once it leaves camp. You will want to find a local game processor and/or taxidermist and deliver the meat asap.

Coues Deer:
Tags for Coues are currently fairly easy to draw, especially archery tags. Non-resident hunters might expect to wait a couple years to draw a rifle tag. Some seasons run concurrently with other big game species such as black bears, so a combination hunt is possible.

Hunting this highly social species is a great choice for the first time hunter as tags are relatively easy to come by, they can be effectively hunted with a bow or rifle, and in the right conditions animals can be closely approached. It sure makes for exciting stalking! In addition, there are several hunts throughout the year; starting in the fall and into late winter.