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Roy Jackson
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Jackson Outfitters is an experienced Big Game Hunting Guide service.  We offer exhilarating Colorado Trophy Bull Elk and Mule Deer Buck Hunting experiences for the archery, black powder, and rifle hunting seasons on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado, as well as horse pack in Elk Hunting, Black Bear Hunting, and Colorado Wild Turkey hunts.

Our clients experience a high success rate every year, harvesting elk, mule deer, black bear and wild turkeys under the expert guidance provided by Jackson Outfitters. Experience the excitement of having a skilled guide call in, stalk, or plan a still hunt, and harvesting a quality animal you will be proud of!

You can find us on Facebook at Jackson Outfitters for updated information and photos of our operation.

Available Hunts

Hunting Packages

Guided 2 X 1 (Bear, Deer or Elk)

**Limited Openings!**

This is our premier hunt, what we specialize in. We provide- your food and cook for you, guide and call for you, provide trophy and meat care and help pack your animal. The hunt is by horseback to a remote fully furnished camp in the wilderness. From that point on your hunt is by foot. If you are an extreme hunter this is the hunt for you. Being in excellent health and the best physical shape you can be gives you the best chance to harvest a mature trophy animal. This hunt is restricted to individuals who weigh no more than 240 lbs. No exceptions. This restriction is required for the extreme conditions that may be encountered. The success rate on this hunt is extremely high and it promises to be an experience of a lifetime.

7 Day Trip, 5 Day Hunt (Archery, Black Powder or Rifle): 2X1 $4250.00(per person)

7 Day Trip, 5 Day Hunt (Archery, Black Powder or Rifle) 1X1: $6500.00(per person)


Bear Hunts (Archery – Black Powder – Rifle)

Archery hunts run during the month of September along with Black Powder. Limited (draw only) rifle hunts are during the month of September and an Unlimited rifle season runs concurrent with the combined Deer/Elk season. A big game deer or elk license for the same unit and season is required to purchase a bear license

Drop Camp: $3250.00

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Hunts (Archery – Black Powder – Rifle)

This hunt is available through a draw only permit for Archery, Black Powder or Rifle. This is a guided hunt (1 X 2) that includes all the amenities. This hunt is an extreme hunting experience and can only be done by rifle, black powder or bow.

8 Day Trip, 6 Day Hunt: $8500.00 (per person)