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Our 35,000+ private acre ranches are located in the beautiful Lemhi Valley unit 29. The property is south of Salmon, ID and 2 hours from Idaho Falls.  The property is mountain timber, sagebrush flats, willow bottoms and agricultural oat, barley, and alfalfa fields. We have a 3-bedroom cabin with 7 beds to stay in during your hunt. Guided hunts we provide lodging, meals, transportation on the ranch, cleaning and quartering of your harvest. We will also take your harvest to the local processor in Salmon, ID where you will be responsible for all butchering costs including shipping if need be.  There is also a local taxidermist who for a fee can cape your trophy and prepare it to be shipped or returned back to you. 

OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: These hunts will all be conducted on mostly private lands with access to public land.  If you book a guided hunt it will be 100% on private land, as we do not guide off the property. We do not guarantee our hunts. We cannot control the weather, the animals, the rut, or any other thing Mother Nature can do to change our conditions. We do promise that our property and bordering lands hold the animals you are after. Our continued client success and business relies on us making sure you have a good experience and opportunities at the animals you are after. We are 100% Fair Chase!

Available Hunts

Please Call us about the opportunities below: The following links will take you to each state that we operate big game hunts in.

Idaho Private Land Opportunities:

Washington Hunting Opportunities:

Montana Hunting Opportunities:

Colorado Hunting Opportunities:

Indiana Whitetail Opportunites:
This is a new opportunity for the 2019 season. Please call us about what we have to offer in chasing big whitetails in the midwest state of Indiana.