Magnum Guide Service


James Roche
Phone:(325) 853-1555

Magnum Guide Service, LLC, an established, respected, and enduring “fulltime hunting guide service, has been providing serious hunting enthusiasts with some of the finest hunting adventures in North America. Hunting trips to legendary destinations such as Texas to hunt for trophy whitetail deer, Texas mountain mule deer, free range Texas elk, exotic big game safaris for kudu, sable, wildebeest, gazelle, scimitar horned oryx, gemsbok, addax antelope, mouflon sheep, free range aoudad sheep, and more. Spring & Fall Rio Grande turkey gobbler hunts , Texas predator hunts for; bobcat, coyote, mountain lion, grey fox, red fox, raccoon, ringtail cat, and Texas night time varmint hunts , along with rifle, handgun and archery combination hunts for javelina and feral hogs.

707 HWY 277
Eldorado, TX 76936