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Main Beam Outfitters is located at the heart of some of the best Big Game hunting that Wyoming has to offer. Located in the coveted Bridger Teton National Forest Region G, Main Beam Outfitters is dedicated to providing an experience as well as an adventure of a lifetime. Our top quality hunts include Deer, Elk, Bear, and Mountain Lion. Our hunts are typically 7 days long, with 1 day each dedicated to riding and packing into and out of camp. 

The trailhead to our camp is located about 6 miles outside of beautiful Afton, WY. From the trailhead, it is about another 6 mile ride on horses where we will traverse deep creeks, cross rocky terrain and cover some of the most secluded and beautiful country in Wyoming. Main Beam Outfitters provides fully licensed and certified guides that spend their time in the off season scouting for big game for the upcoming season. Along with our fully licensed guides, our camp includes comfortable and spacious wall tents with wood stoves, cots and covered floors. Our outfit is well equipped with some of the best horses, mules and tack available today.

Available Hunts

Mule Deer:
Western Wyoming mule deer herds are the best they’ve been in several years and are expected to continue to be strong. The famous Region G, aka Salt River range, has been producing 200” B&C bucks for many years. This local gene pool has produced legendary bucks like Popeye, Morty, and Goliath. Since 1985 Lincoln county has produced 2X as many record book bucks as any other in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. Our upper camp gives us the advantage of being able to visit many different drainages and areas where we’ve found deer in the pre-season scouting trips. For more information about our Mule deer hunts or application information feel free to contact us. 

We offer some of the greatest elk hunts offered in western Wyoming. Our elk hunts are very productive with the expectation of seeing elk every day. Our elk herd is mostly a resident herd, so we do not rely on heavy snow or migration for success on our elk hunts. In addition to a strong elk herd our unit has not been effected by wolves like other units in the Jackson Hole area. Every year our unit is known for bulls that exceed the 350” B&C with the majority being closer to the 300” B&C. We have a very high kill opportunity rate with most of our hunters and take pride and honor with our success and reputation of offering a hunt of a lifetime.

Our Archery hunts last the month of September with plenty of opportunity to hunt elk in different stages of the rut. Our skilled and certified guides are very educated in calling and finding elk. Our Archery hunts are very exciting due to the fact that we get to interact with so many elk and at times having them within 5 yards of the hunter and elk. For more information about our Elk hunts or application information feel free to contact us. 

Our fall bear hunts are something we offer as a little extra for hunters who would like the opportunity to hunt more than one animal in a combo hunt ( Deer, Elk). These tags can be purchased over the counter with a good opportunity to see bears in their natural habitat. We use a spot and stock approach for most of our bear hunts which allows us to see a lot of the beautiful country Wyoming has to offer as well as a test of skills being able to sneak in close enough to harvest one these magnificent creatures.

For more information about our Black Bear hunts or application information feel free to contact us. 

Mountain Lion:
Our Mountain Lion hunts are an experience you will never forget. These tags can be purchased over the counter, and are 3 day hunts that are very physically demanding and adrenalized hunts with a great success rate! Our houndsmen run their dogs year around so that when the season is on, our dogs are in shape and ready to work.