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Dillon Ham
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Welcome to Mount Tobin Outfitters; owned and operated by master guide Dillon Ham. We are a high quality guide service located in Northern Nevada. Our focus is the quality of the hunt, not the quantity of hunts we guide.  We pride ourselves in ensuring our hunters are comfortable, safe, and most importantly, successful on their hunts.  Whether you are applying for a highly coveted sheep tag, your dream elk hunt, or tag in an area with better draw odds, Mount Tobin Outfitters is committed to making your hunt as rewarding as possible.  Hunting your tag as if it were our own is a value we hold close. 

We believe that having a great time while hunting is as important as the hunt itself.  Every hunt from Mount Tobin Outfitters can be customized to fit clients needs and schedules. We have 20+ years of hunting experience in Nevada, and our highly skilled guides have the experience and drive to tackle any hunt.  Thank you for visiting Mount Tobin Outfitters.

Available Hunts

Hunts we offer in Nevada:

Mountain Lion:
Mountain Lion hunts are unlike anything else we offer.  They are exciting, physically demanding, and extremely rewarding.  These hunts are typically conducted December through March when there is fresh snow on the ground.  Tags for this hunt can be purchased over the counter in Nevada, so the tag application process is completely skipped.  Because of the dynamics of a mountain lion hunt, please contact us for hunt details.  We do offer a very limited number of "guaranteed lion" hunts per year - and only one guaranteed Tom hunt annually.

Mule Deer:
Mule deer hunts run from August through November, from archery to muzzle loader, and on to rifle.  Mount Tobin Outfitters prides itself in finding the best bucks in the units we hunt, and in Nevada, mule deer can be found at the foot of mountain ranges or at 10,000+ foot peaks.  We spend countless days scouting, use the best optics in the industry to locate deer, and have spent a combined 20+ years in the field chasing deer.  Some units produce larger deer than other units. This is why it’s best to contact us before applying for tags to help you with your goals.  MTO offers archery, muzzleloader, and rifle mule deer hunts.

Nevada produces some amazing elk in just about every unit, and there’s nothing more exciting than harvesting an animal of this size. All elk hunts will be guided by two guides per hunter to ensure the best success possible. Elk hunts are seven days and we will use wall tents or hotels depending on the unit you draw. MTO offers archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts.

These are the most coveted tags in Nevada, and it is very important to consider application strategy for this hunt of a lifetime, as some units produce consistently larger rams.  We have hunted all three species of bighorn sheep in Nevada (Desert, California, and Rocky Mountain), and although there is a lot of glassing on these hunts, once a trophy ram is located, we work very hard to harvest the exact animal our client wants.  Because these tags are extremely rare, hunts are typically scheduled for a minimum of seven days, and minimum of two guides will be on the hunt.

Antelope hunting in northern Nevada is a really fun hunt.  We start scouting for these hunts early in the summer to find the best quality bucks we can. Hunts start in August when the weather is fairly warm.  On most hunts, we are able to locate multiple Antelope worth pursuing on a daily basis.  MTO offers both archery and rifle Antelope hunts.

Other Hunts:
Mount Tobin Outfitters can also guide other hunts, including bear and anything else Nevada has to offer.  We are also pleased to provide tag draw consultations and offer guided non-resident mule deer hunts, which have a very high tag draw rate as compared to other hunts throughout Nevada.