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Silver State Guides and Outfitters

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Colby Egge
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Silver State Guides & Outfitters, LLC (SSGO) has operated in Nevada for almost 40 years. Licensed, insured and permitted with the Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service and other entities within Nevada allows us to provide service to meet all expectations.

Results show SSGO as one of the top outfitters in the State for Desert Sheep. Also providing specialized hunts for trophy mule deer, elk, antelope and mountain lion. Guides are professional and experienced with years of knowledge of the species and units.

Hunts usually include preseason scouting with frequent updates, food and lodging, field transportation and care and handling of trophies. Also, transportation to and from the Las Vegas Airport. Many other options are also available. We will build the hunt to accommodate you the hunter. A memorable and enjoyable hunting experience is first and foremost.

Inquires for references and contacts are welcome and recommended.

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4255 N Cimarron
Las Vegas, NV 89129

Available Hunts

Mule Deer Hunts:
Nevada’s high desert mule deer are in a class of their own. Our state has great habitat and genetics producing trophy bucks every year. Allow us to provide you with the units to apply for to help satisfy your expectations.

Bighorn Sheep Hunts:
These tags are some of the hardest to draw in the country. Our Bighorn sheep have great genes and can live in some of the roughest terrains.

Elk Hunts:
Nevada is home to some of the largest elk in the country, with trophy B&C bulls taken every year. 

Antelope Hunts:
Nevada possesses and has produced trophy bucks through out the years. Our antelope season is during the late summer.