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Kristofer Bochard
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Kristofer grew up in the Northwest corner of Colorado and from a very early age had a passion for hunting. Whether he was competing in a bugling contest or skipping morning classes so he could sneak off with his dad for an early hunt, he was always thinking about the next season or the next hunt. During his many years hunting, Kristofer has found what he believes is the best part of hunting, the pursuit. The hunt itself can be over in the blink of an eye, but the pursuit starts when you first start thinking about the hunt and lasts beyond the squeeze of a trigger. At Smoking River Pursuit, we understand that not everyone can be out in the field all year watching and studying these animals, so we believe it is our job to bring the pursuit to you. Once you book a hunt with us, we not only want you to be thinking about your hunt, we want you to part of the preparation. Every month we will send out a newsletter via email that will include articles from local hunters, information from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and most importantly, pictures and videos of animals in our area. We hope by seeing the animals in our area, you will feel like you are scouting beside us, picking out the animal you want to pursue.

Our hunting ground consists of approximately 3200 acres of private land and approximately 37,000 permitted BLM land. Our private land controls both the feeding and bedding habitat. We have learned how to hunt these areas to give you the greatest chance for a successful hunt. The quality of animals is hard to beat. We are located only a stones throw from trophy unit 2 which requires over 20 preference points draw a license to hunt. We routinely are hunting bulls well over 300 with the largest one taken scoring over 370.  As for deer, we have plenty of nice bucks ranging from 150 to 200.  We offer these hunts to you without charging any trophy fees, which means anyone that hunts with us has chance at taking the trophy of a lifetime without additional fees.

Our accommodations consist of a modern, very comfortable 6 bedroom house with a pool table and large screen TV. All meals are included. We want to make your hunt an experience you will be talking about for years to come. We have a 3-D range for archery hunters and a rifle range where we will take all rifle hunters prior to going out in the field to ensure your rifle’s accuracy and to determine your shooting skill level.

Available Hunts

We offer hunts for Antelope, Mule Deer and Elk on our 3200 acre private ranch as well as over 37,000 acres of BLM permitted ground. The following link will take you to our website that explains more about each hunt we offer. Please take a look.