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Tri-Spoke Outfitters

Licensed in:
Wyoming : BG217


J.C. Call
Phone:(435) 452-8043

Tri-Spoke Outfitters is a family owned and operated business specializing in horseback hunts in the Wyoming high country. Our two wall tent camps will comfortably take care of you during your stay. Your camp cook will prepare big, delicious meals and your guide will work his tail off to ensure you take home the trophy that you came for. Starting in the early '80s, camp has been set up in the same spot each fall, and hunters have left happy ever since. While the camp has changed hands a few times over the years, several things have remained the same: Plentiful game, hard work and satisfied clients.

Wyoming Species: Mule deer, elk, mountain lion, moose, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, black bear
Utah Species: Mountain lion, (Next year I will have several private ranch mule deer hunts available, I'm going to hunt it myself this fall to make sure it's up to what the rancher says it is.)

PO Box 357
Cokeville, Wyoming 83114

Available Hunts

Wyoming Mule Deer Hunts:
Hunt the big bucks of Western Wyoming on horses and mules in one of the state's premier regions. Tags must be drawn in the Wyoming Game and Fish drawing. We will be on the horses well before sunrise riding to a high vantage point to glass the high country bowls and basins to find your dream buck.

Wyoming Elk Hunts:
Archery and rifle hunts available. Tags must be drawn, but this area is relatively easy to draw with no points. Archery hunts are the second and third week of September, timed with the peak of the rut. Rifle season opens in Mid October, and hunters have enjoyed extremely high success rates.

Wyoming or Utah Mountain Lion Hunts:
Tags are available over the counter. This is a tom-only hunt, females will not be harvested. We may hunt on horses, trucks, ATVs, snow machine or on foot to find your trophy tom. We can hunt out of my main camp, motels, ranch houses, depending on the conditions, quotas and where I'm finding the lions. This can be a very physically demanding hunt, but very rewarding when you finally take a great tom lion.