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Wade Lemon Hunting

Licensed in:
Utah : 7528433-7500,SP606074


Wade Lemon
Phone:(435) 795-2299

I have been guiding outdoorsmen, conservationists, hunters, and livestockmen throughout the United States and Canada since 1978. I have specialized in my first love, which is professionally guiding for trophy mountain lion and black bear with my personally trained Big Game Hounds. I've had the opportunity to help pioneer hound hunting for leopard in Zimbabwe, Africa and hunt cattle killing jaguar in the Amazon. I also offer outstanding trophy hunts for mule deer, elk, antelope, desert bighorn sheep, mountain goat, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, and te only free roaming buffalo herd in the western United States. I am also offering coues deer, mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, and javelina hunts in Sonora Mexico.

PO Box 222
Holden, UT 84636

123 W. High Sierra Dr.
Elk Ridge, UT 84651