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White Cloud Outfitters


Phone:(208) 879-4574

White Cloud Outfitters welcomes you to the Heart of Central Idaho and the famous Salmon River Country! White Cloud Outfitters is based out of Challis Idaho, which was originally discovered in 1822 by a trapping party in search of beaver pelts. Challis is well known for its multitude of outdoor recreation activities available on public lands surrounding this small community of about 1,000 residents. From here, you can access the Salmon-Challis National Forest, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and the remote road less country known as the White Cloud Mts. in less than an hour travel time from White Cloud Outfitter's year round location.

White Cloud Outfitters has been licensed as hunting outfitters and guides since 1987. Mike and Louise offer year round opportunities to hunt all species of big game in Idaho. We are licensed and permitted to operate in over 350 square miles of backcountry located in the White Cloud Mts. which, is part of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area

P.O. Box 217
Challis, ID 83226