GOHUNT's First Annual Marchery Madness Bracket Challenge!

16 seeds face off in an archery iron buck competition


watch the Best Archery Tournament Ever in the Video Above!

In the spirit of March Madness, the office decided to do a little bracket of their own. But since we’re a hunting company, we had to add a little twist… we call it Marchery Madness!

We grabbed a bunch of bowhunters in the office, seeded them, and off we went!

Our first annual Marchery Madness tournament was a big hit. We had 16 shooters, and each seed faced off head to head, and to add a challenge, we incorporated an iron buck target with a 5” circle cut out of the middle and moved the distance back as the tournament went on.

Arrows were broken, some big upsets were made, and a tournament champion was crowned!

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