ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) safety tips



Hunters can find All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) extremely useful. Designed for use on rough, unpaved trails, ATVs allow hunters to go places that are inaccessible by most other vehicles. However, as with all vehicles, ATVs can be extremely dangerous and require proper training before use. Remember to always consult local regulations before using an ATV for hunting.

Other considerations for when riding an ATV:

Use proper safety equipment

A person is not protected when riding an ATV. Always wear an adequate helmet designed for ATV use. It is also important to have hand and eye protection as well as appropriate footwear.

Only use designated trails

ATVs can cause environmental damage, so many public trails are closed to ATVs or limit their access. Before heading out, check local regulations to ensure that you are only using legal trails. If you are traveling through private property, always get the landowners’ permission and follow any instructions. Do not veer off marked trails or cut through crops or fields. Keep off paved roads and roads with heavy traffic.

Maintain a safe speed

Riding on rough, uneven terrain can be challenging. Be sure to always travel at a speed that will allow you to react in time to avoid obstacles such as ditches, rocks, trees, sharp turns, etc.

Safely transport firearms

Just like transporting firearms in any other vehicle, on an ATV firearms should be unloaded, with the action open, in a protective case and with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Do not hunt from an ATV. It is an unethical and in most cases an illegal practice. Hunters should only use the ATV to reach and return from the hunting site.

Check local regulations

Before heading out on your ATV, check with local authorities on specific ATV regulations, equipment requirements, and to ensure you have the proper permits if required.

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