Top 10 reasons to do a spring bear hunt in Montana

Get out and hunt giant spring bears

“I see a baaar!” “Where?” “Over thaar!”

My wife and her sisters used to run and scream at the thought of seeing a bear; however, the excitement they felt over pretending to see a bear is nothing like the thrill that can be had from a spring bear hunt, especially after a long winter of being cooped up in your house dreaming of the outdoors. But if that’s not enough to convince you to sign up for a spring bear hunt, here are ten reasons to get out of your living room and into the Scapegoat Wilderness of Montana this spring.

Top 10 Reasons to Do a Spring Bear Hunt in Montana

1. the Mountains

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There is something about the mountains and the wilderness that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. After a long winter, your first trip into the mountains can feel like a prison door opening, leading to pure freedom.

2. the Peaceful Solitude of Nature

Your chances of seeing other people are drastically reduced compared to fall hunting. We have spent weeks this time of year in the mountains without seeing another living soul.

3. Length of Daylight

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The days are long. This means plenty of time to hunt for bears and time to take advantage of the exceptional fishing opportunities. Make sure you bring a fly rod or spinning rig.

4. Weather

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Springtime in Montana is amazing with warm, but not too hot, temperatures, sunny days, and cooler nights.

5. Technical Hunting Practice

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Glassing and stalking is a big part of bear hunting. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to work on these skills, which are essential for any type of hunting out West.

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6. Scouting for Fall Hunts

Most hunters are interested in knowing what to expect when it comes to the wilderness outfitting experience. Using an outfitter for a bear hunt is a great way to evaluate them for a future big game hunt. This will help you get the lay of the land plus see the operation and guides before investing in a more expensive elk or deer hunt.

7. Cost Effectiveness

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Bear hunts are typically less expensive than fall elk and deer hunts, but you receive the same wilderness experience as your fall counterparts. License fees are also much less than elk or deer.

8. Prospective Trophy Scouting

Grizzlies may be taken off the endangered species list soon and a season may soon be open. Hunting for black bears now will give you a chance to lock down an outfitter for future grizzly hunts.

9. the Thrill of a Traditional Bear Hunt

In Montana, it is illegal to bait bears or run them with dogs. That leaves spot and stalk or calling as the only options for hunting bears. These techniques help sharpen your skills for all other mountain hunting and, in my opinion, are much more rewarding than baiting or running dogs.

10. Sweet Keepsakes

Top 10 reasons to do a spring bear hunt in Montana - 6d

Who doesn’t want a nice bear rug? Montana black bears generally have a luxurious coat compared to the black bears found on the eastern side of the U.S.

If this list doesn’t convince you to head for the hills, I’m not sure what will. After you book your spring bear hunt, hopefully the phrase, “I see a baaarr!” will leave your lips and bring a smile to your face just like it did to the Williams’ sisters so long ago.

One more parting thought to leave you with from a guy who clearly has spent some time in the mountains, “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity.” I agree with John Muir.

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