Parts of a bow string



A bow string’s complexity changes depending on the bow type an archer uses. Today’s bow strings typically include the following:

Bow stringThe bow string attaches to the limbs of a longbow or recurve bow. For a compound bow, the bow string attaches to the cable. It has a center nock locator for nocking (positioning) an arrow.

String silencerAs the name implies, a string silencer reduces string noise and vibration through an elastic material added to the string. A string silencer is not used on a longbow.

Kisser buttonThe kisser button is small plastic button that attaches to the bow string. At full draw it touches the archer’s lips and provides another point of reference for the anchor position.

ServingThe wrapping of material in the string’s center, the serving protects the string from wear. The nock locator attaches to the serving.

Nock locatorA mark or device that indicates where the arrow is to be placed on the string, the nock locator is located on the serving area of the string.

Release aid loopA release aid loop (d loop) can be used in combination with a mechanical release for a more accurate shot.

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